Organic Search

What to look for when it comes to building a full-proof organic search on a digital platform?
Unique solutions with smart approach, at DIGI METHODS we offer Search Engine Optimization techniques that will get your business going strong.

DIGI METHODS offers Organic search engine optimization that brings together the features. The services we offer cover the basics as well as advanced segments in

Understanding of the technology depends on the compatibility of the various products and services with the existing devices. Greater the flexibility of Organic search, swifter will be the turnaround time of achieving the objectives.

SEO Free Health Check

A Quick check into what google thinks

DIGI METHODS help in checking your title tags and meta-descriptions. Build unique webpage content by focussing exclusively on each title tag containing keywords that would highlight your page. 55 Characters is all you need to have a workable title tag. 155 characters inserted into the meta-descriptions boosted with a quirky marketing message and keywords.

SEO Health Check helps in shooting out the issues of copying and duplicate contents. Health Checks from DIGI METHODS identify if the format is correct and includes the header tags, alternate tags with precise bolds and italic styles. Our SEO Health Check is compatible with Google standards.

SEO On-Page

Boost your web rank with on-page seo

Keyword Density optimized to match contemporary trends. Insert Images and Outbound Links into the related pages using DIGI METHODS’ practical strategies with a dash of creative info-graphics. Engaging art works with pleasing videos and pictures can build user interfacing and climb the ranks on the web-charts quickly.

SEO Off-Page

Build online reptutation with off-page branding

DIGI METHODS builds site reputation by offering advanced level Branding strategy using Off-Page SEO strategies. It helps in marketing your webpage more effectively. We don’t just help you survive but also come on tops in the competitive world of SEO. Submit your webpage to us and gain popularity on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alexa, Alltheweb, Lycos and Excite.

SEO Social

Relationship and social interfacing is important to seo

SEO social is a fun arena where you can reach out to the customers in a really natural manner. Stick out into the competitive world with media counts that will help your business grow naturally.

Local SEO

Go global by climbing the local ladders

DIGI METHODS focuses on building a specialized local business using the principles of Local SEO. Grab top ranking in the search engines like YAHOO, Google and Bing. These are the places where customers look out for the products.

International SEO

In rome, do as romans do

Our marketing strategy will help you build International SEO efforts. Built for international audiences, our SEO efforts are directed at search engines as if they were human personalization. We help you not just create simple landing pages but also extend service into in-depth information management.

We make sure that the target segment and the target country are familiar with the terminology you are using in your webpage.

Content Marketing

Link popularity across all web channels using content strategy that is hard to replicate

Content Marketing strategy will solve all your issues in terms of defining a purpose of your webpage that contains creative and effective distribution of blog posts, website copy, white papers, PR events and even advertisements.