Bridge website success with SEO tools

The performance level of your website depends on the how much effort you have taken to make it SEO friendly.

Basic tools to check SEO health ensures that your website gathers maximum visibility online, but your business needs much more than just basics. At DIGI METHODS we will help you make the most out of SEO Health Checkups to establish a respectable presence in the web world.

Real time analysis by DIGI METHODS proves that maiden website users find it hard to comprehend the relationship between website conversion ratio and online traffic volume to their website. It is important to identify the gap in understanding of these pointers and propel your business idea into a successful proposition.

Insert suitable meta tags and title tags

SEO Free Health Checks by DIGI METHODS highlight the quality of Meta descriptions and title tags in your website. We ensure that your website earns maximum visibility. Our SEO experts acknowledge and use exact density of meta tags and title that helps in establishing a readable quality to the website.

Keyword density for Title tags

Title tags must be limited to 55 characters for optimal results. We ensure that the tags contain only specific keywords lifted from the website content.

Keyword density for Meta tags

Meta descriptions should have 155 characters in ideal representation with important keyword inserted in it.

Mozbar- SEO Solutions in minutes

You have no clue if your SEO Team has done a good job or not? Set a report card for them using DIGI METHODS sophisticated Mozbar application. Mozbar skims through the tags and the overall content to point out the efficiency of your SEO team. Stream through the bar and see if the tags can push the website content efficiently. If the results are satisfactory, continue with them or else take the opportunity to straighten things out instantly.

To fly high, you have to rely on the best

Website Quality Indicator by DIGI METHODS

Redundant data is no more reliable and useful. Your website would lose its value if the content keeps repeating itself. Pack off the redundant information into garbage bin with our superior online content highlighter. We use SEO algorithm matched only by Google. We prevent your website against penalties in case your site is stuffed with too many keywords. Filter densely populated webpage and screen the content using analyze page option suing our signature counters and keyword finders. Our products are built to flash a flag in case it turns red and sends you an urgent SEO density alert. It has a reliability of 100 percentile.

Shoot past Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a big no-no if you want to set a high standard for your website. DIGI METHODS ensures uniqueness in website content using the tools available in our library to identify the duplicate content and troubleshoot past them with new set of keywords.

Standard guideline: If your content has more than 5 percent duplicate content ‘inspired’ from another website, it’s time to bid goodbye to your content development team. You won’t regret the decision. Sooner the better!!!

Early Bird takes the Worm… go for a faster website

Potential customers visiting the website may turn into an obvious buyer only if your website loads faster than your rivals’ website. DIGI METHODS powers your website and stamps your presence with Google’s Speed Tools to lay a honey trap for your customers. They will relish the faster websites and push the return on your investment to a greater volume.

Scramble past mediocre content and build top quality website with DIGI METHODS... we deal only in excellence.