Why step back with seo when you can go all in and win?

Is your business going digital? Then you have embarked on the mission to please the search engines and appear in the top search results when any of your potential customers look for you. Even in the real world, the chances of your popularity grow when there are more billboards and brand stores across the city spreading word about the brand and building credibility. Let DIGI METHODS handle social SEO for your brand and usher you towards popularity.

Play by new rules

As the rules of advertising are different online, optimization helps your brand gain visibility when someone hits Search. social SEO includes social media management and optimization of the content on those platforms, so the combined effort can help your brand transcend ranks in search rank page results (SERP).

Your website content isn’t enough

Putting in all your efforts to create a fantastic website with optimized mindboggling content is great. But when you don’t focus on social SEO, it lands you in a breathtaking villa without many visitors and disinterested neighbors. SEO was simple before when there was just keywords and inbound links, but now with a social media revolution, social SEO plays a greater role in helping you reach your target audience. A new criteria has been included in the algorithm checklist and that requires you to be social with your clients.

You don’t want to seem antisocial do you? So trust DIGI METHODS to optimize ALL your content, and get you in the top ranks of SERP ensuring that your fans not only know you but interact with you on a personal level.

The trick is to nail their language

Being a brand on social media is quite simple, but that simplicity is what most brands find difficult to achieve. All you need to do is talk to your audience in a conversational tone, and be their friend. Tell them you care, and just socialize. The old marketing lingo with technical jargon certainly doesn’t work here. You have nothing to worry though, as the conversational experts at DIGI METHODS will communicate your message in a friendly and effective message to your readers across the social platforms.

The Idiosyncrasy of social networks

You must have figured out by now that a single content strategy cannot work on all networks. While you can write stories in the description section of Facebook, you have got to stick to 142 characters on Twitter. While an infographic on digital marketing can do well on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook, it could fail abysmally on Instagram or Pinterest.

Optimizing content for each of these platforms is a herculean task, and something that DIGI METHODS specializes in during social SEO. Furthermore, we create and optimize your social media profiles to act like magnets when fans cross our path online.

Higher the share, higher the rank

Our work doesn’t stop with website and social media profile optimization. At the end of the day, the metrics that make us smile are those shares and likes. We continuously work at creating well-optimized shareable content – not just because we love to see those numbers, but because those numbers in turn help lift your brand website through ranks on SERP. Although the latter would take time to show, the first would certainly cheer you up every day.

What are you waiting for then? Call or email us at DIGI METHODS for social SEO services today.