Engage your customers with blogging!

Marketing today is not just about incessant advertising about your company or its products. It’s about Creating room for dialogue.

Content marketing today is huge! Almost every business, whether new or old, is expanding to reach wider audiences through the internet. With changing marketing trends, blogging has emerged as one of the most effective ways to reach out to readers and convert leads. If you think that’s a lot of jargon you don’t have time for, leave it to us. At DIGI METHODS, we offer blogging services to businesses that are keen on making a mark in the competitive virtual world. It pays to have a company blog and here’s why.

  • Businesses that maintain blogs get about 55% more visitors!
  • If you have inbound links, you could see a boost in web traffic by over 97%!
  • Better yet, indexed pages attract visitors upto 434% as compared to websites that don’t.

Seven excellent reasons to maintain a business blog!

Sure, maintaining a blog is a lot of work but that’s what we are here for. There are many advantages of maintaining a company blog with the help of DigiMethods including:

  • It is an informal and low maintenance way to continually communicate with your customer.
  • It is a great way to communicate with your employees.
  • It gives your business a voice and makes you more than just a brand.
  • It improves SEO for your website and boosts your rankings.
  • New content retains readership and attracts more attention.
  • It converts potential leads into paying customers.
  • It gives your business reputation a boost and makes you an industry leader.

If you want to reach larger audiences, your website should feature in the first page of Google SERPs. Maintaining a blog can boost your online presence significantly and help you secure high rankings. At DigiMethods, our content experts know exactly how to present your company blog in the best light and garner attention from existing and potential customer bases!

Working with us

We specialize in providing customized content for your company blog. We do not believe in creating run off the mill content that every other blog has. At DigiMethods, we aim at adding relevant and share worthy content that helps your readers. Each contribution to the website adds to your brand value and sparks an interest in the reader. In fact, DigiMethods works with a team of content experts, strategists, writers and analysts who handle the A-Z of maintaining your blog.

Write, impress, sell

Start blogging with DigiMethods today!

Are you serious about engaging your customers and giving them something exciting to talk about?

Blogging is one of the oldest and most popular methods of online marketing. It acts as a platform to display expertise, share thought leadership, and sell ideas. It is quite important to share quality content and adhere to a good strategy that addresses context, post & share frequency. Leave it to the professionals! DigiMethods can create attention worthy blogs with informative and well structured blogs that are factually accurate and striking.

For more information on our professional blog contribution services, get in touch with our content team today!