What does your Facebook page say ?

If your Facebook page no longer attracts viewers or gains the ‘Likes’ that you deserve. Then it’s time to get under the hammer and set few things straight and flat.

DIGIMETHODS offers critical review on your existing Facebook page and highlights the pros and cons in your page. Offering simple and effective features that will make your existing account much friendlier and attract more likes than ever before. Post amazing pictures and cover events more exclusively and use links to create news feed like pattern.

Did your marketing team ever plan on jazzing up your page with your product line or inserting a smart narrative from the management gurus in your organization? What better to catch than grabbing an interview of a customer raving about your product-line?

Gain Likes. More Shares and… Of course more views than ever before.

Get that wall talking

Dealing with critical reviews that may not be too user friendly and non-informative could prove too hard to manage. They just populate the page with comments that may baffle many of your followers. DigiMethods offers smart insights on how to manage such reviews. Delete the non-friendly ones before anyone else can catch up and highlight the advantageous ones.

Facebook tactics from DIGIMETHODS can help build a positive account overall.

Facebook algorithms – Set them right

DIGIMETHODS offers services to Facebook management in two ways. Administrators work on engaging friends and viewers or they use Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights are not easy to use and require professional expertise. DIGIMETHODS ensures that your page has the right tools to drive engagement. This would definitely help you stay on top can turn very awkward if you are not updated.

DIGIMETHODS help Facebook account owners who are aiming to reach out to as many people as possible in one single posting. Our Social media marketing team designates administrators into content developers, account manager, moderator, advertiser and insight analyst. We provide distinct keys to the managers who can handle all the remaining functions.

Precise designation to managers helps resolve conflicts and functional crisis. Quarterly training sessions and defining a theme for the Facebook page is essential to build upon a strong foundation for the business prospects

Manage and choose your Featured ‘Likes’

When people like your postings and page, it is a direct signal that the user is interested in your business and products. We help you manage your Featured ‘Likes’ which can prove beneficial in building new connections and gain more exposure.

Organize a smart archive of people who liked your page or products and reach out to them online or through other medium.

Work with digimethods and we help you gain 99.8% of visibility online

Smartly crafted pages and tabs can work wonders if you have a precise and accurate content published to the latest News Feeds.

Shoot the highlights of brand management with our bespoke programs in facebook management.